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Keeping track of User Activity Tracking

Keeping an eye on end user activity is critical for security and workflow management. It can help administrators determine whether or not personnel are breaking firm policies, subjecting confidential details, or losing some resources about non-work actions.

Data Rooms

A protected data space is a system that allows users to reach and share corporate secrets, customer records, project files, and also other sensitive records without breaking confidentiality deals or risking legal the liability. It offers a centralized repository designed for document showing and allows business companions and stakeholders to receive notification alerts when ever important changes are made to the database.

The very best data areas offer robust document organization, folder indexing, online file sharing, OCR, integrated redaction, granular permissions, and an individual can activity tracker. They also provide examine trails and a variety of additional features.

idrShare Virtual Info Rooms

A high-performing program for significant companies that handle very sensitive data, idrShare Virtual Data Rooms comes with an user-friendly UI that casual users can work easily. It has a wide range of features, including bulk file download, email alerts, two-factor authentication, and announcement list.


A second popular VDR solution, FirmRoom allows users to bulk upload data and organize all of them by index numbering for easy access. In addition, it includes a data file and spreadsheet viewer that supports viewing in multiple platforms, such as Surpass and Ms Word.


Providing a sole place to work together on projects, Kamzan enables businesses to share files, exchange data, and conduct negotiations. It utilizes AES 256-bit encryption and different keys to make sure data protection, while a two-factor authentication system continues your data private. Furthermore, it offers real-time reporting and a user activity tracker to monitor the improvement of bargains.