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How Much Does It Cost to Outsource Accounting? Outsourced Accounting & Bookkeeping


Bookkeepers are well-trained in their craft and provide high-quality bookkeeping services. The answer to this question will depend on your answers to the previous questions. Whether you should outsource your firm’s bookkeeping will depend on the size of your team, expectations of your clients, goals for client management, and firm’s profitability targets. As more clients move to online systems, the stack of paperwork being delivered to your office has become a less common occurrence – but it still happens. The question you should ask is how much of your team’s time and expertise do you want to devote to bookkeeping?

We have seasoned professionals in the field who are skilled at bookkeeping. By helping you locate the ideal hire for your bookkeeping requirements, we bring value to your company. Offshoring.A common type of outsourcing is when work is outsourced to a foreign country. A CPA firm can also leverage an offshore company to bring talent to a firm in the U.S., embed with the U.S. team, and complete the work domestically.

Accounts Payable Services

They are centered around helping you get rid of the bookkeeping work that you don’t want to do. Instead of hiring a bookkeeper in Canada or the US, you might instead offshore the entire accounting department to the Philippines. Experience workflow software that helps make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Do CPA firms do bookkeeping?

The way many small/medium size CPA firms provide bookkeeping services to their clients is to have a single bookkeeper on the account who does all of the accounting and a CPA who reviews the finished product. Many times they are doing “write-up” or “after the fact” bookkeeping.

We cpa bookkeeping services standard and optimized bookkeeping procedures by following a checklist that ensures the basic tenets of bookkeeping are never compromised. Get an idea and complete status update of the total money reinvested into your business from the profits earned in a financial year. Keep a close track of all goods or materials purchased for your business and get a proper understanding of the overall mandatory expenses. Mange your loans payable account and get an up-to-date status and break down of amount that your business owes to creditors. Track all business revenue inflows on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and get a correct idea of your business revenue position.

Outsourced Controller

Their dedicated team may also assist you with some of your other accounting needs and financial reporting requirements in addition to bookkeeping services. Unlike Upwork where the client posts the job, freelancers on Fiverr post their gigs and you seek out a freelancer who has a gig that meets your needs. From there, bookkeeping services can be provided through any accounting system based on your conversation with the freelancer. Though some clients have their own bookkeeper that they have sourced themselves, they may ask for recommendations of bookkeeping services.


The statements go way beyond the standard topics of time zone difference, price tag, and so on. As more bookkeeping is required, CPA firms can gain better scalability by outsourcing their client’s bookkeeping tasks. Global FPO works directly with your clients to provide bookkeeping services and help you focus on more profitable services. We provide transparent communication and consistent updates and reports, so you’ll always be up to speed on your client’s progress. For more questions on our services or outsourced bookkeeping for CPAs in general, reach out to us. The above figures suggest that although most CPAs have identified the technological gaps in their firms, they are not financially prepared to bring about a change in this area.